Featured soloist performing "Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and Band" by Claude T. Smith with the Lone Star College - Montgomery Symphonic Band. The ensemble is under the direction of Cristina Mendoza.

Movement 1 of Robert Muczynski's Sonata, performed live at the University of Alberta as part of the 2016 Edmonton International Academy of Music.

Invent Room Pop 53, live at Beep Beep in Atlanta. Live improvisation with drummers Olivia Kieffer and Daniel Betts. Archives available at https://inventroompop.bandcamp.com/

One of the features of the jazz program at Sam Houston State is frequent recording experience, and the Spotlight project was definitely a great experience. We all worked hard and produced a great album featuring soloists from around the ensemble, including Ramsey Hampton, Brenden Johnson, Brian Fincher, and Andy Clark. If you are interested in buying the whole CD please click here. Thanks, and enjoy the track!